My name is Noko.
I was born in Bootle, Liverpool 20.
I was christened Norman Fisher-Jones and I still answer to this also.
Though my role in Apollo 440 is a multi-faceted one encompassing every single process in the making of our music, my instrument ; my axe ; my weapon of choice, if you like, is electric guitar.
Having said that, as a teenager, I was messing around with reel-to-reel tape recorders and building fuzz-box circuits before I ever learned any actual chords.
Even though we only started @440 in 1990 (a number of years after I’d been making music for a living), it still feels like my first band, as Howard, Trevor and original founder member James Gardner were all schoolmates @ Old Hall High School, Maghull, L31. My actual first band was Alvin The Aardvark & The Fuzzy Ants and our first gig was on Granada TV’s “After All That…This” late-night arts magazine show in 1980 and was completely live and broadcast just the once! (I’d love to see that one on YouTube if anyone’s got a video of it).
Our second was supporting Cabaret Voltaire at Plato’s Ballroom in Liverpool, a radical avant-garde nightclub/art-happening organised by Nathan McGough that was way ahead of it’s time. New Order played their very first UK ‘post-Joy Division’ gig there a few weeks earlier.
A.T.A.A.T.F.A sadly never made a record, although we’d recorded a single @ Liverpool’s seminal Open Eye Studios in 1981 that never saw the light of day.
John Peel was a fan though, and one of my most exciting moments as a teenager was my mum handing me the phone and saying “It’s John Peel for you son”.

Between then and now I’ve formed some other bands, The Umbrella, Luxuria, Maximum Roach, Th’Ends etc and played guitar or bass in some other bands including Pete Shelley and The Cure back in the ‘80s.
Because of the nature of the @440 remix and production process, I’ve played on way too many of other people’s records to mention.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Deborah and collect Victorian Gothic-Revival and Mid-century Modern furniture, taxidermy and ‘Lowbrow’painting and remain a passionate ornithologist.
I also have rather a lot of Vivienne Westwood clothes.

Noko 440,
London ¥2kVIII.